School Streets

Merton has plans and funding for 28 School Streets. These are designed to encourage parents, carers and pupils to walk, scoot or cycle to school instead of taking the car. In the last 25 years, walking to school has dropped by 31% – a dreadful statistic for the physical and mental health of our children.

Studies show that pupils that use active travel to reach the school gate are more focussed and ready to learn. By contrast, cars at the school gate are not only polluting the air for everyone on the street, but for their own children since pollution levels inside a car are typically much higher than those outside.

The school gate is also one of the busiest times for Merton’s streets. Hundreds of parents and children pack into small pavement areas, with insufficient social distancing and high risk of vehicle accident. By effectively closing the street outside the school gate, the School Streets programme provides considerably more space for parents and children to move around, making social distancing more effective and reducing the number of road accidents.

Merton School Streets

The School Streets programme restricts access to the roads around a school where the pedestrian entrances are during school pick-up and drop-off. Generally this is from 08:00 to 09:15 and from 14:45 to 16:00, but do check local signs.

Those living in the street, local businesses, teachers and blue badge holders are able to apply for exemption. Merton Council’s exemption processing scheme is now live, please follow the instructions in this letter (this is the letter for Aragon, but the process for all School Street schemes is the same).

Merton Council has its own page all about School Streets.

Support the changes

If you support the changes at a school near you, please respond to the Merton Council consultation and say so. Help make a Merton’s streets healthier for our children.

Active School Street schemes

These schemes are now active. Restrictions should be obeyed unless you have an exemption. The council has the power to fine those not following the rules:

  • Aragon – restrictions apply to Aragon Road & Aragon Place (map)
  • Beecholme – restrictions apply to Beecholme Avenue (map)
  • Benedict – restrictions apply to Benedict Road (map)
  • Bishop Gilpin – restrictions apply to Lake Road, Helme Close, Leopold Avenue & Ricards Road
  • Date Valley – restrictions apply to Cricket Green (map)
  • Garfield– restrictions apply to Garfield Road & Dryden Road (map)
  • Gorringe Park – restrictions apply to Sandy Lane, Summerhill Way, Spring Grove, Harbour Close & Tide Close (map)
  • Harris Primary Merton – restrictions apply to Ivy Gardens (map)- introduced in 2019
  • Hillcross, also Monkleigh Road– restrictions apply to Ashridge Way, Monkleigh Road, Shaldon Drive & Woodland Way (map)
  • Hollymount – restrictions apply to Cambridge Road (map)
  • Holy Trinity – restrictions apply to Effra Road & Faraday Road (map)
  • Links – restrictions apply to Frinton Road & Gunton Road (map)- introduced in 2019
  • Malmesbury – restrictions apply to Malmesbury Road & Neath Gardens (map)
  • Merton Park – restrictions apply to Erridge Road, Keswick Avenue, Stratton Close & Stratton Road (map)
  • Pelham – restrictions apply to Southey Road (map)
  • Poplar – restrictions apply to Poplar Road South (map)
  • Ricards Lodge – see Bishop Gilpin (above)
  • Rutlish – restrictions apply to Watery Lane & Manor Gardens (map)
  • St Marks Primary – restrictions apply to St Mark’s Road & Chalkey Close (map)
  • St Marys – restrictions apply to Russel Road (map)
  • St Matthews – restrictions apply to Cottenham Park Road (map)
  • St Teresa’s – restrictions apply to Montacute Road (map)
  • St Thomas of Canterbury – restrictions apply to Commonside East, Esher Mews & Hallowell Close (map) – introduced in 2019
  • The Sherwood – restrictions apply to Abbotts Road, Castleton Road & Hadley Road (map)
  • Stanford – restrictions apply to Byards Croft, Chilmark Road, Hassocks Road & Oxtoy Way (map)
  • Ursuline – restrictions apply to Crescent Road & Southdown Drive (map)
  • William Morris – restrictions apply to Recreation Way (map)
  • Wimbledon Park – restrictions apply to Havana Road & Wellington Road (map)

Schemes not yet confirmed

  • All Saints – status unclear
  • Singlegate – status unclear, problems with the legal paperwork at TfL (not Merton Council)


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