Sandy Lane LTN

The Sandy Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) is one of four in Merton.

The changes are designed to tackle the problem of traffic from those who do not live in the area. Full access is still provided for residents, emergency vehicles, deliveries and trades.

Open for Active Travel

For an initial six month trial period Sandy Lane is closed to motor vehicles just south of Summerhill Way:

Sandy Lane LTN

What does it mean for me?

Every resident in the neighbourhood still has full access by car. Deliveries, trades, emergency vehicles and anyone else that needs to use a car can still get to every house and every business. What is restricted is the ability to drive across the neighbourhood, which is aimed at those who do not live there. Through traffic should use Streatham Road.

The hope is that residents take advantage of the quieter streets and cleaner air to make more use of active travel – walking, scooting, cycling, mobility aids and more. While the roads may be closed to motor vehicles, they are very much open to active travel.

For more information about LTNs in general, see our Overview page.

Support the LTN!

If you support the LTN, please respond to the Merton Council consultation. This is especially important if you live locally, as local opinions will count more than those from elsewhere.