Cycle Routes

Merton has a variety of different types of cycle route already, but if cycling is to really take off it will need many more. Right now, Merton Council does not have the funding to build lots of new cycle routes, but some changes have been made.

On Merton High Street, Haydons Road Bridge and Plough Lane additional cycle protection has been added using “wands”. These are intended to provide an additional level of safety, and to encourage the less confident cyclist to venture a little further.

While Google maps isn’t that great for cycling, OpenStreetMap has lots of information and fine detail. OpenStreetMap data is used by many other websites and apps, including, CyclOSM and OsmAnd.

Some of the key cycle routes in Merton are:

Future plans

Merton councils plans for cycle routes are guided by the official LIP3 document.

In addition, this group and Merton Cycling Campaign have identified a number of potential places for high quality off-road cycle routes. These have been fed back to the Council.