Commonside East LTN

The Commonside East Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) is one of four in Merton.

It is designed to tackle the problem of through traffic from those who do not live in the area. Full access is still provided for residents, emergency vehicles, deliveries and trades.

Open for Active Travel

For an initial six month trial period Commonside East is closed to motor vehicles just east of Spencer Road:

Commonside East LTN

Why is an LTN needed here?

There has long been an issue with drivers from outside the area using Commonside East, Spencer Road, Grove Road, Kings Road and Acacia Road as a cut through, also known as a rat run. Many of these roads are very narrow and unsuitable for through traffic. Some had already been changed to be one-way for safety reasons.

The problem has got worse in recent years as mobile phone sat-navs have taken drivers down unsuitable side streets like Spencer and Grove with the aim of saving a minute or two. And COVID-19 is making things worse – with public transport dramatically reduced people are attempting to drive instead, causing more congestion and more use of residential streets like those in this neighbourhood.

What does it mean for me?

Every resident in the neighbourhood still has full access by car. Deliveries, trades, emergency vehicles and anyone else that needs to use a car can still get to every house and every business. What is restricted is the ability to drive across the neighbourhood, which is aimed at those who do not live there. Through traffic should use Cedars Avenue and Tamworth Lane instead, which are much wider and more appropriate roads for though traffic.

The hope is that residents take advantage of the quieter streets and cleaner air to make more use of active travel – walking, scooting, cycling, mobility aids and more. While the roads may be closed to motor vehicles, they are very much open to active travel.

For more information about LTNs in general, see our Overview page.

Support the LTN!

If you support the LTN, please respond to the Merton Council consultation. This is especially important if you live locally, as local opinions will count more than those from elsewhere.