Merton Healthy Streets

Putting people ahead of traffic

COVID-19 has changed the way we travel around our communities.

During lockdown our streets were quiet. Air quality improved dramatically. Neighbours could chat and children could play.

Merton Council, like others across London, is making changes to try and capture some of those benefits while avoiding COVID-19 traffic gridlock as people avoid public transport. The aim is to enhance air quality and road safety. To encourage walking and cycling. To free up space for those vehicle journeys that are actually needed. This site aims to capture what is happening, and why.

School Streets

School drop-off and pick-up are some of the busiest times for local roads. School Streets provide more space for social distancing & cleaner air for pupils, encouraging parents to leave the car at home and walk or cycle.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

What if streets were designed for people instead of cars? So residents can walk and cycle safely to school, shops and work. And with COVID-19 restricting public transport use, action is needed now to avoid gridlock.

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Cycle Routes

Walking is great for short distances. With a bike it is possible to go a little further. The missing element is safe quality cycle routes.

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Evidence for Change

Change is hard, but sometimes necessary. Streets and travel are a key part of solving some of the biggest issues facing society.

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The changes happening in Merton are a response to many things – COVID-19, Climate Change, Obesity, Inactivity, Road Safety and Air Pollution. Each one is a major issue in its own right where the status quo is not acceptable. Lets give these changes a chance and see if collectively we can make our streets healthier.

Let’s make our streets better

About Us

Merton Residents Transport Group is a non-political group that supports the development and implementation of the best possible emergency transport plan by Merton Council in response to COVID-19.

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